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MINE Lab 研究介紹

Big Data Mining and Applications (大數據探勘與其應用)

  • We investigate artificial intelligence and machine learning method on education, economy, and social media data. We aim to analyze the big open data to discover valuable knowledge and develop solutions for real-world problems. Our research projects focus on deep learning, mining method, social computing, and its application.

  • 我們研究可以在教育領域、社群媒體領域、經濟領域上有所貢獻的人工智慧與機器學習技術。主要方法是分析公開大數據並探查有價值的之知識以解決現實中存在的問題。我們的計畫著重於深度學習、資料探勘、社會計算與其應用。

Video Processing(視訊處理)

  • Video retargeting is one of the major topics in this group. Also, we engaged in other researches with video effects. Image research group is devoted to research on image inpainting, defect detection and video falsifying.

  • 影片畫面內容的重新調整技術為這個小組主要目的之一。 此外,我們在其他視訊特效相關之研究亦有多年研究經驗,如:二維圖像修復、缺陷檢測、影片篡改的研究。

Deep Learning(深度學習)

  • Deep learning group is devoted to research on human/object detection and gesture definition.

  • 深度學習小組致力於開發人、物體之檢測和姿態定義的研究。


Smart Partner for Visually Impaired People aka The Guiding Dog Project

  • The Guiding dog project aims to develop a system that uses computer vision and deep learning to identify the surrounding environment and further provide information to the user to replace the guide dog.
  • We are one of the sub-projects. The technologies we are currently developing include: signboard detection, attention plug-in, object segmentation, entrance detection, traffic light detection, object tracking, few-shot learning and so on.

  • 導盲犬計畫目的在於開發一套系統,利用電腦視覺及深度學習技術辨識周遭環境,進一步提供相關資訊給使用者,藉以取代導盲犬。

  • 我們為其中一個子計畫,我們目前開發的技術主要有:招牌偵測、專注力插件、物件分割、自動門偵測、紅綠燈偵測、物件追蹤、少樣本學習等。

Interactive Multimedia and Music(互動式多媒體及音樂)

  • This group is closely related to the  group of Video Processing and Deep Learning, is committed to the development of traditional puppetry, the blind auxiliary system and music application technology.

  • 這個組別主要是應用影像處理、深度學習,致力於開發傳統布袋戲、盲人輔助系統與音樂相關等等藝術科技領域相關應用技術

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