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101 級博士班 (外籍)

Chinthaka Wasantha

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  • E-mail: chinthakawk@gmail.com
  • Biography:
  • Hello All, I’m Chinthaka, coming from Sri Lanka (If you have never heard of it before, it is an island about twice the size of Taiwan, located to the south of India). In my language (Sinhala) this is how my name is written “චින්තක” and my Chinese name is “華得尼”.

    It is because of my parents, who am I Today, and there are two younger brothers to me. I am married to Umanga and we do have one cute three year old daughter named Maheli.

    Polonnaruwa is my hometown which is around 200 km away from the capital Colombo.

    I do love drawing (even though it is really been a while without drawing anything at all), but now most of my free time is spent in early west (virtually ;-)) as I love watching those old cow boy movies in YouTube and I spend quite a time in mapping my hometown in Google Maps.

    You all are most welcome to visit Sri Lanka and my home town at any time in future.

    Things learned during first year at NCU:

    • Graphics in computer games with OpenGL

    • Some Wireless broadband concepts

    • Chinese language basics

    • Some concepts related to E-learning

    • Image processing with Matlab

    • Some very basics of Kinect, Unity 3D

    • MIDI basics

    • Media libraries GStreamer and FFMpeg

    • Qt IDE basics

    • Academic writing

    • Computer architecture and operating systems

  • Study: interacted learning
  • Ankhtuya Ochirbat (Очирбатын Анхтуяа)

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  • E-mail: ankhaa3@yahoo.com
  • Biography:
  • Hi, i am Ankhtuya(The first shine), from Mongolia. You can call me Ankhaa. Our native language is Mongolian.

    My hometown is DZuunmod city, near the capital city of Ulaanbaatar about 45km. I am the eldest child in my family. I have a younger brother and two younger sisters.

    My hobbies are playing a basketball and a volleyball, reading a book about eastern philosophy, doing an yoga and meditating. My sanskrit name is Anuraga which my teacher gave.

    My master graduate is software engineering from National University of Mongolia. Now i live in Jhogli city, Taiwan. This is my first studying year of PhD. Thank you.

  • Study: Social learning
  • Chinese, Traditional