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MINE Virtual Band

MINE Studio Virtual Instrument Introduction

Research Areas

MINE Lab Virtual Band

  • Virtual Keyborad: We use the Wii Remote to meet the needs of users to play the voice with different pitch and timbre.
  • Virtual King : Detects human skeleton by using Kinect, and follow the location of coordinates to play different kinds of sound.
  • Camera used to detect virtual guitar with the pasted blue lines (based on color space BGR), to divide the range of BASS.
  • Virtual Guitar: We use Kinect to detect the skeleton of hands, and by considering the different depth to determine the desired guitar chords, left hand or right hand strumming Anxian.
  • Virtual Drum: We detects the various parts of position of the node by human body using Kinect to play different drums, and now we have adopted seven drums bit from the formal jazz sounds.
  • Virtual Ball: Control the background of visual effects, the device of accelerometer Sensor inside the virtual, when it reaches the threshold, the screen will show various type of effects.
  • Virtual Background: When a person is detected by Kinect, the human will be presented with different elements of fire, earth or water.