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e-Learing Systems

Distance Learning Technologies

International cooperation is one of major features of this group. We aims at improving education process by using technologies.

Pervasive e-Learning Flashback in MINE Lab

The Listen Reader system users RFID tags to embed electronic multimedia in an ordinary book. Learners can interact with ordinary course books in electronic multimedia courses. This research provides a solution for a ubiquitous e-learning system follows the SCORM standard to provide a sharable, reusable and reliable learning environment. This research evaluated and tested optical character reader (OCR) technology, image identification technology and mobile technology for use in ubiquitous environment. Accordingly, the proposed combination of an OCR-based learning mechanism with multimodal multimedia devices is referred to as Hard SCORM.





Providing Efficient and Scalable e-Learning Services on the Cloud

Leaning Management System

“Social Learning “ is one of the most nature way for people to learn. Through observation, imitation others’ behaviors or actual activity participance, people construct cognition, experience and memory in the series process, and, finally, all of them are going to be their own knowledge. However, the current E-learning system mainly plays a role of learning assistance such as providing learning content or learning information, and it seldom provides channels or platforms in the learning environment for discussion and interaction. The current E-learning system can’t fully support the social learning environment.

“Open Course Ware” is a new type of E-learning system raised in recent years. User can receive the higher education courses from the world-famous universities in the worldwide to have self-learning by simply registering an account on the websites. However, the pure online and self-learning learning environment is working without the instruction of teacher, it was an important issue that how students receive suitable learning content in this kind of learning environment; Also, how the learning society formed in this environment can help student in the learning activities and the system design of interaction learning mechanism of social learning and peer learning are another important issue.

In our research, we integrate the E-learning system and the existing social network sites, using the power of social networks to provide an Open Course Ware environment. Moreover, we analyze the learning portfolio in the E-learning system with the social relationship acquiring from social network sites, to do the social learning analysis and provide a social learning recommendation mechanism, which can help student to choose suitable course according to their learning situation, and have interaction and discussion with other students or friends.